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Imaqulotta Meanders in Confusion

My brain on politics
(From the blog of Laurie Lee, no further attribution was given.)

First let me say that I hope all of my readers are safe and well after the Super-storm. Hopefully, the fact that you are able to read this post will mean that you are.

I’m warning you now, this blog post is not one of my typical ones. It’s mostly going to be opinion, without any real review. This has been a very dense couple of weeks for me. I don’t mean dense as in stupid, although I have been a little out of it. I mean dense as in packed full. Some good things have happened, like a trip out of town and getting a new job. Mostly, though, my brain is packed full, and the packing material feels like concrete.  Much of this is due to the impeding election. I am always honest here, so I will share that I am an Obama supporter. Considering what I’ve already discussed with you about my life, and my irreverent attitude, this is probably not a real surprise to anyone. What HAS surprised me has been the complete inability of anyone, including myself, to discourse rationally on this subject. I am certain that most people feel the way they do for reasons based in what they perceive to be reality, although I had thought previously that reality was finite and agreed upon by everyone. I’ll be perfectly frank about my terror at the prospect of Mitt and his merry band of Right Wing Nut Jobs being in charge of me and mine. After Tuesday, I am hopeful reality will sync up, and the country I grew up in will return to some sense of decency. Either that or my next entry will come to you from a bunker in an undisclosed location.

In other wacky news, Amazon has decided that authors cannot review books on its website. At first I was like, “Wait… what?!” As I traveled the internet to discover what I could, I discovered that this appears to be because of authors behaving badly. The poison pen has been replaced by a keyboard, but is alive and well. I’ve witnessed a bit of this, and I am as appalled by incivility here as in our political discourse. It’s become acceptable to be an asshole. I don’t like this trend. Pointing out that someone’s work did not appeal to you, or even that it has technical errors, is possible to do without being rude. Some of these “authors” seem to be purposefully dragging down other writers. That’s not cool with me. Especially within the independent writing community, we surely benefit from pulling each other up instead. I read one author put forth the opinion that if people wish to be treated as professionals, they should act like professionals. That is the best piece of advice I have seen since middle school, where I was given most of my writing advice (including one piece that I will share for free—proofread your work!). Good authors are often voracious readers, and certainly have sensible things to say about what they have read. The misbehavior of a few should not have an adverse effect on the whole. I will always give you my honest opinion, and endeavor to do so without being a jerk. Feel free to take me to task if I don’t!


In the interests of the aforementioned transparency, I must mention a book I attempted to read for review that I could not finish. Dark Descent, by R. G. Porter, has an interesting premise, but stylistically did not work for me. Of course, you must form your own opinion, as the shorter piece of Porter’s that I read was more enjoyable, but the novel was simply not for me. I am now in the midst of a completely entertaining fantasy work that I hope to finish and review for you soon, as long as I can charge my Kindle in the bunker.

Irreverent comments welcome!

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