A blog for people who take books seriously, but little else.





1.  the quality of being irreverent;  lack of reverence or respect.

2.  an irreverent  act or statement.

3.  the condition of not being reverenced, venerated, respected, etc.

Why am I defining this for you? You’re a reader, obviously, since you’re here, and you know this already. Frankly, it’s because I want to warn you. I take very few things seriously. The books I will talk about here, I will take very seriously. Their authors, however, are not the sort to take themselves too seriously.  Generally, the books which interest me, and which I would like to share with you, might be considered irreverent by some.  That may be the ONLY thing they will be likely to have in common.  We will talk about books that encompass many genres, but all will likely have offended someone, somewhere, at some time.  If YOU are easily offended, this may not be the blog for you.  I will not pull punches in the books I chose, nor in my opinion of them.  I also want to tell you why I think they are important, despite any lack of reverence on the part of authors or me.   The Temple of Books is one in which I have worshiped all of my life, and if there is one thing I do hold sacred, it is the power of the written word, so I will tell you why I consider a particular set of words to be powerful or not.

I will be reviewing the old, the new, and the unknown, often what I am reading or have just read. If I’m a fan of the author, I will let you know, likewise if it’s someone new to me. In the event I know the author, I will let you know that as well. Of course, all the authors I currently know are awesome, but I won’t pull punches just because I know someone either!

Books reviewed here will be considered Heavenly (Best), Earthly (Better), Purgatorial (Nothing to write home about), or Hellish (So bad I want back the time I invested in reading).  I will tell you exactly why I thought so, and why you might agree, or not.   I will do my best not to “spoil” anything important to the story, because I want you to discover that yourself, if you decide to do so.

I’d like to thank Unknown Artist for the photo above. – please send credit information if you have it.


Irreverent comments welcome!

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